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‘The Stenmark twins made anti-blue light glasses so I tried them for a week’

As someone that works nights, I’m always on the hunt for the next thing that’s going to make falling asleep a piece of cake. And then the Stenmark twins arrived in my inbox.

It’s a little past midnight and I’ve just clocked off for the evening. I close my laptop lid, brush my teeth, do my skincare routine, head to the bedroom and I’m basically asleep before my head hits the pillow.

You’re probably thinking, HOW? I’ve been starring at a laptop screen in unnatural hours and haven’t really given myself a chance to wind down after work (we all know it takes a bit of time to decompress, right?) but for the past week, I’ve been using these blue light filtering glasses by Dreamers and boy, have they made a difference. Oh, did I mention it’s a brand founded by the Stenmark twins?

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How do they work?

One in three people experiences chronic sleep health issues, with deprivation among the highest causes for anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, stress and weight gain.

A big contributor is a lack of melatonin, the body’s sleep hormone, which can be inhibited by harmful blue-green light from all our gadgets. Dreamers block 99.9 percent of blue light emissions, which helps relieve eye strain, headaches, and aids to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm.

They’re really yellow, you’ll notice, and while that takes some time to get used to, the difference in my sleep quality is palpable.

“Most technology currently available only blocks a narrow band of blue light,” Dreamers chief scientist, Dr. Stafford Sheehan, tells Body+Soul.

“However, research shows us that unless the entire sleep-disrupting blue-green spectrum is blocked, our circadian rhythm, or natural sleep-wake cycle, will be disrupted which may lead to serious health issues.”

As passionate advocates for maintaining a healthy mind and body relationship, the increase in diagnosed cases of anxiety and depression, particularly among young adults, struck an immediate chord in both Stenmark brothers.

“From the start, we wanted to find a way to facilitate quality sleep with eyewear technology that was stylishly designed,” adds co-founder, Jordan Stenmark.

“So, we’re really excited to have created this breakthrough in sleep- health technology which will provide significant health benefits.”

Dreamers cofounder, Zac Stenmark adds: “Depression and anxiety are two of the fastest-growing health concerns today, especially for people in our age group. As we became more informed about the indisputable connections between the overexposure to artificial blue-green light, sleep quality, and mental health, we felt compelled to work towards finding a solution.”