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There’s now a scale to measure the magnitude of female orgasm

All orgasms are the same, right? Not exactly. From a tiny ‘sneeze’ to earth-shattering, full-body euphoria, a science-backed scale now measures the intensity of female pleasure.

Here’s a stat for you: 15 percent of women say they’ve never experienced an orgasm and up to half of us feel dissatisfied when we do. But knowledge is power, as they say, and a scale now exists to help vulva owners gain a better understanding of their climax.

Leading sex therapist and sex neuroscientist Dr Nan Wise, in collaboration with sex-tech brand Hot Octopuss, has unveiled the G-Scale that measures the intensity of female pleasure; from a ‘sneeze’ to earth-shattering euphoria. It coincides with the launch of their latest G-spot vibrator, KURVE.

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“Orgasms — whether tiny, huge or completely explosive — create pleasurable sensations. They involve a build-up and release of muscle tension, and increased blood flow and engorgement of genitals — even our breasts enlarge slightly,” says Dr Wise.

“The most important tool in expanding your sexual potential involves adapting a mindset that helps you open up to the experience, rather than to strive or be goal-directed. Being present to the sensations as you explore your sexual self, rather than focusing on achieving a bigger or better ‘Big O’, is how sexual pleasure and orgasm capacity blooms.”

How does it work?

The scale, similar to that which measures earthquakes (rather appropriate), orgasms are measured from a one to six magnitude and are distinguished by which erogenous zone is being stimulated. One is achieved purely through clitoral stimulation, resulting in electric sensations localised to the genitals and contractions of the pelvic floor.

Way at the other end, magnitude G+ is achieved through stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, G-spot, nipples, and “the role of the mind”, resulting in full-body pleasure, trembling, and feelings of eruption. Sounds good, right?

The purpose of it all

Well, knowledge is power and understanding our orgasms better is a route to not only overall improved sexual health, but overall wellness.

“We created the G-Scale to help women gauge the power and satisfaction of their orgasms. Through using the G-Scale, vulva owners gain valuable information on how pleasure their G-spot, which is a crucial component of combined orgasms, squirting, and more fulfilling sex overall,” says Hot Octopuss Co-Founder and COO Julia Margo.

Dr Wise agrees: “The G-Scale is a powerful guide to help you explore body and mind in cultivating your sexual potential.”