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Want to get into meditation? Let Chris Hemsworth show you how

Meditation has been growing in mainstream popularity for some time now, but if you haven’t tried it yet and don’t know where to start, our favourite Aussie actor can teach you.

There are some voices that are just made for guided meditation. Did you ever consider Chris Hemsworth would be one of them?

Listening to his new guided meditation program on Centr ahead of its launch on Monday May 17, I realised very quickly that his approachable baritone is absolutely perfect for calming the mind and relaxing the body.

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If you’ve never gotten into regular meditation but are curious as how to get started, the Thor actor and founder of the lifestyle app has launched a seven-session program on different kinds of meditation to figure out which one resonates.

They’re designed to be short and accessible to all, so you don’t need to have ever meditated before to see a huge benefit: at a little over six minutes, the Stress Release session was ideal for when I needed just a few minutes to centre myself.

“With a few short meditations you’ll be feeling calmer – and sleeping better – in no time,” says Chris.

“By just listening to one meditation each day you’ll be feeling the benefits.”

The Learn to Meditate program joins Centr’s already impressive catalogue of mindfulness content, which includes 200 meditations, sleep visualisations, articles, and even a tongue-in-cheek Affirmations That Positively Absolutely Probably (Most Likely) Won’t Make Your 2020 Worse series, which brought us so much joy in an otherwise pretty dismal year.

Until the day of launch, you can get a taste of the Learn to Meditation series on the Centr blog, where the Stress Release session will be streaming. After May 17, though, the whole program will only be available through the app.