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What is edging? It could hold the key to your most explosive orgasm ever

Is there a person out there who doesn’t want to make their orgasms longer and stronger? While it can take a bit of practice, edging might be the trick to making your pleasure all that more intense.

So, you’re spending some quality time with yourself and it’s feeling good and everything, but you’ve been here a hundred times before. Your orgasm comes (pardon the pun) and you lie there for a few minutes wishing that it lasted longer.

Turns out, there’s a way to do that. There’s even an easy-to-follow formula for success.

On an episode of the podcast Search Engine Sex, host Rowdie Walden and pleasure coach Euphemia Russell discuss edging, the key to your most intense orgasm ever.

“[It’s] literally edging close to an orgasm and then decreasing the sensation or intensity. And when you do that, it can potentially intensify your orgasm once you maybe have that orgasm,” says Russell.

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“You also get to bring more blood to potentially the genitals or whichever part of your body you’re exploring, your nerve endings activate, your arousal tissue engorges and it means that you have greater capacity for pleasure.”

Not only can it intensity your orgasm but it can also help build body confidence, increase intimacy with your partner, and help with premature ejaculation.

Sounds great, no? So how do we do it? Russell has a formula: the 80/50 rule of how close you are to orgasm.

“You’re initially getting yourself to 80 percent and then you’re backing off to 50 percent and then taking yourself back to 80 percent?” clarifies Walden.

“Then you do that as many rounds or as many cycles as you can basically have the patience for or be able to not let the anticipation kill you, and then generally for people, if they withhold in that way, it can feel really sexy, a little bit of a mind game with themselves, and that if you potentially choose to orgasm or are able to orgasm, in the end, it can be a longer, stronger orgasm,” says Russell.

If you ask us, we’re sold. Next time you’re in the bedroom, or bath, or wherever you choose to explore your pleasure, go on, take yourself to the edge.