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What your Mars sign says about your sex life and desires

Knowing what your Mars sign is can reveal a lot about your sexual desires and intimate behaviour. Astrologer Josephine Corcoran reveals all here.

Your star sign can reveal a lot about yourself. From finding out what your perfect self-care routine should involve, to what your best sex position is, to which type of people you should befriend, your star sign can reveal a lot about yourself.

However, for a deeper insight into your sex life and desires, you should really turn to your Mars sign. Say what? Well, according to astrologer Josephine Corcoran, Mars might just be the sexiest planet in our solar system and reveals a lot about our intimate behaviour and close relationships.

“Dating back to mythology, Mars was the God of War. Akin to this archetypal theme, the “Red planet” in Astrology is our warrior-function,” Corcoran tells Body+Soul. “It represents drive, determination, competition, the impulse to protect oneself and hunt for what we desire. It also rules our energy levels and correspondingly our wherewithal to go after what we want.”

And when it comes to relationships and sexual desires, Mars is all there.

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So, how do you find out what you Mars sign is?

“The Zodiac sign it is situated in determines how you tend to assert yourself in relationship and what you need in and out of the bedroom to keep you interested,” Corcoran explains.

“On average Mars spends six weeks in a sign – except its retrograde season when it can spend up to sign months in a sign.

“To determine which sign Mars was in when you were born, all you need is your date, location and time of birth and an ephemeris which lists planetary placements for everyday of the year.”

All you have to do is find an astrologer or online tool to help you determine this.

Once you’ve found this out, here’s what your Mar sign says about your relationships and sex life…

What your Mars sign says about your sex life and relationships

Mars in Aries

In Aries, Mars bestows the qualities of action, independence, self-motivation and ambition. For you, romance is a personal mission and you relish a good contest to win someone’s heart. Once committed you need to keep the passion alive with shared excitement and adventures. A trailblazer and risk taker at heart, you are attracted to the same. But should your loved one need rescuing or protection the warrior in you will take over.

In the bedroom: You like the thrill of the chase and to make the first move. Add a feisty argument and risky location and the fireworks will fly.

Mars in Taurus

With Mars in Taurus you are a pleasure seeker with a strong connection to nature and your instincts. You crave stability and security in relationship often pursuing suitors with long-term prospects in mind. An equally stylish and practical provider, you derive pleasure from engaging all the senses in shared experiences from five star dining to walks on the beach. But achieving material security before setting down is a major driver.

In the bedroom: Deeply sensual and long-lasting love making abounds amidst music, wine, candles and massage – as long as your lover respects your beliefs and strong opinions.

Mars in Gemini

In relationships, you are attracted to partners who feed your curiosity, perception and actively engage in the exchange of ideas. Intelligent, humorous and witty you are turned on by a mutual interest in facts and information. To keep love alive you seek out new shared experiences which both deepens and expands communication between you. Key turn-offs include mundane activities, closed mindedness and boredom.

In the bedroom: You seduce your lover with playful teasing, flirting and lively banter. Variety and new experiences are a necessity to keep you interested in the long term.

Mars in Cancer

More than anything, you seek security, loyalty and a partner who appreciates your complex range of emotions. You are driven to achieve in the world but need to balance that with nurturing your loved ones.

In relationship you seek emotional support and understanding from others which you readily reciprocate. But your partner needs to allow you time out to re-energise through activities such as mindfulness, activating your imagination and taking care of others. Deeply sensitive to your environment, you need to know a potential partner shares your feelings before you’ll make a move.

In the bedroom: Flowers, love letters, chocolates and declarations of undying love send your heart aflutter. You’re at your best in the boudoir when being pampered both physically and emotionally.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo loves nothing more than having fun, being playful and laughing. You seek entertainment, pleasure and adventure being attracted to bold and passionate people. But to commit you need a partner who inspires, puts you at the centre of their world and makes you feel very, very special! Yes, you need to be adored and then you will lovingly and generously reciprocate showering extravagant gifts and surprises to keep the flames of passion alive.

In the bedroom: A true romantic, you were born to love and shine… all that’s needed is for you to be the centre of attention and little bit of five star luxury!

Mars in Virgo

You have a unique blend of earthy sensuality and thoughtful practicality when it comes to relationships. You strive to both find and be the perfect lover ever on the hunt for a partner who is as interested in “getting it right” as you. Partners who are health conscious and have a passion for healing will turn you on.

In the bedroom: A lover who engages your body, mind and soul is your greatest aphrodisiac. Think sexy, sensual with a desire to please

Mars in Libra

Those of you with Mars in this sign are born lovers steeped in romanticism, tenderness and sensitivity. Your ideal date night involves fine wine, sophisticated music and stylish surrounds. But the icing on the cake is stimulating conversation interlaced with lively debate – that you win!

It may take some deciding before you commit to a partner, but once you do, your exceptional listening skills, generous nature and eye-catching style enable you to seal the deal.

In the bedroom: Equality rules so you’ll be sure to reciprocate all the pleasure you derive… so long as you’re involved in the decision-making!!!

Mars in Scorpio

Hands down, you win the prize for the most erotically charged version of Mars. In relationship you seek the deepest form of intimacy both physically and emotionally. You are turned on by intense conversation exploring topics of the psyche, mysteries of life, crime, finance and the hidden realms. Whilst attracted to powerful mates, you do have an extremely sensitive side. Woe betide anyone who breaks your trust as you’ll cut them off to ensure they can never cross you again.

In the bedroom: You are turned on by exploration, secrecy and a partner who yearns to enmesh themselves with you with uninhibited abandon.

Mars in Sagittarius

Partnerships which expand the mind through shared travel, adventure and/or exploration of philosophy, religion and worldly belief systems are inspired in this placement of Mars. Limits, convention and routine are a major turn-off so good luck to any partner who tries to control your movements. You are attracted to free-spirits as well as the exotic and bring to the table your honesty, curiosity and openness.

In the bedroom: Spontaneity, risk-taking and enthusiasm are major turn-ons. Think mile high club, tantric sex and erotic art.

Josephine Corcoran is an Astrologer and Holistic Career Coach. Follow her on Instagram @josephine.corcoran.