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What your sleepwear style says about your personality

A lot of our choices in life reveal a little something about the underlying person we truly are. The real question is, what does your sleepwear reveal about you?

We spend around a third of our lives in bed, which means we spend at least that long wearing our pyjamas. So, it’s no surprise that our choice of sleepwear says a lot about our personality. Seriously, poll your friends—ask them what they wear to bed; their answers will be more revealing than you would’ve thought.

External factors such as room temperature, living situation, skin sensitivity, and whether or not your bed is shared with a partner (who somehow produces enough heat to generate sweat) also play into our choice of sleepwear. But at the end of the day (pun intended), it’s all about comfort, and what’s comfortable for one might not be comfortable for another.

We enlisted the help of Aussie linen brand Bed Threads to help decipher what your sleepwear style says about your personality.

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You are no-nonsense, but also sensitive and nurturing. Always well-presented, you have impeccable taste and your home décor is likely full of unique finds and vintage furniture. You appreciate the finer things in life, especially books and films.

Old-fashioned nightgown

You aren’t someone who follows trends, and yet you are someone to follows rules. You feel comforted by tradition and would probably resonate with #cottagecore as an aesthetic. Either that, or you’re actually just Ebenezer Scrooge.

Full tracksuit

You are a creature of comfort who values rest and relaxation above all else. You work hard, but when it comes time for bed, your eyes are on the prize. Your bedroom might be a little on the cold side—consider upgrading to a heavier duvet if you’d rather not wear such heavy clothing to bed.

Just underwear

You are always on the go. Effervescent to a tee, you’re a social creature who thrives on non-stop activity. You like to keep things simple and tend to avoid anything overly fussy or unnecessarily complicated.

Matching set

You are organised and rational, and emanate a confident-calm wherever you go. You are the rock in most of your relationships and your steady demeanour puts everyone at ease. You tend to continually optimise every area of your life for the most efficient result, inspiring others to do the same.

An old T-shirt

You are sentimental and spontaneous, and your eclectic taste carries through to your home décor, which is an artful yet organic mix of your most beloved items. You are the person your friends call in a jam, but might also forget one of their birthdays—but you’ll be forgiven.

Nothing at all

You are brimming with confidence and are in touch with your physical self. You might also be especially environmentally conscious—nudists are, in a way, some of the most sustainable people on earth after all.

Your day clothes

Regardless of your personality, if you’re sleeping in your day clothes, it means you are likely exhausted, burned out and in desperate need of a break. Alternatively, you might’ve just had a few too many wines while binge-watching TV and the thought of changing into pyjamas is simply too much to bear.

Either way, while we aren’t judging, we do recommend making it a point to change into bed-specific clothes tonight. Personality-speaking, you are probably someone who could stand to prioritise themselves a little more.