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Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing April 10th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, April 10th to Friday, April 16th.

Although there’s nothing wrong with indulging ourselves when a pick-me-up’s needed or a reward is due, when the pursuit of pleasure becomes all-consuming, responsibilities are easily set aside.

As Venus, on its way home to Taurus, aligns with the New Moon, the cosmos encourages us to trial new ways of getting what we want. It’s important to prioritise feelings over materialistic pursuits. Energy invested into actions that stimulate personal growth will prove much more satisfying.

It’s easy to prioritise things when there’s an emergency. Everything else seems trivial, and our thoughts become crystal clear. But when nothing’s particularly urgent, how do you decide what to tackle first? As you appear to have a host of distractions competing for your valuable time, a psychological trick is called for. Pick a goal, give yourself a deadline; then trick yourself into ’emergency mode’. The New Moon, in your sign, will sharpen your resolve to succeed, and enable you to get things moving forwards again.

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No one has an easy life. Yet some people seem to have it easier than others. But, although a multi-millionaire’s problems look like nothing if you’re struggling to put food on the table, it’s all a matter of degree. It’s important to remember that life isn’t set in stone; we’re the author of our own story, the star of the show, and the producer too. The New Moon offers a new start; a reinvention is possible. But it’s the movement of Venus, into your sign, (its celestial home), that confirms that an innovative time lies ahead.

Aaah! That’s the relieved sound of contentment we let out (either outwardly or inwardly) when we achieve a difficult goal. It’s when our heart says ‘well done’. But sometimes that joyous feeling of relief is hard to come by, and we’re left with a doubt that something’s still not quite right. That’s your heart talking too. Listen to that or, more accurately, feel into that sensation this week. Intuition is your best friend. If you feel the need to go back over old ground, heed it. You’re being given a rare chance to fix something.

You’re known as a good friend; a trusted helper who can be relied upon. Dependable and honourable. For some, this would be an onerous duty. But for you, it’s a badge you wear with pride. The challenge, is when you can clearly see the way to solve someone’s problem, but they’re resisting your advice. Take comfort this week, knowing that when they’re ready to be helped they’ll know who to turn to. Meanwhile, give yourself a break. Lavish some of the care you share with others on the person who’s reading this!

‘If I ruled the world…’ Yes! We’ve all had that fantasy. ‘If only everyone would do what I want them to do, everything would be much easier’. That thought confirms a belief you have in common with around seven billion other people! Though it’s true that ‘Leo-world’ would be a lovely place for the rest of us too, you have to settle for something a bit more mundane. Fortunately, as Venus moves into her celestial home, both romantic and emotional fulfilment are on this week’s agenda. The New Moon brings an added boost too.

As someone noted for their kindness, you have a somewhat ambivalent attitude towards other people’s kindness to you. That’s because you’re so used to giving, that you don’t know how to respond. At worst, you suspect their motives. At best, you’re grateful, but don’t like feeling indebted to anyone. This week, it’s time to take stock and give yourself some of your famous TLC. You have people around you who’ll benefit from offering help and support. And, accepting their assistance will deepen your friendships.

As someone who likes to weigh up all possibilities before making a commitment, it’s understandable that you tend to favour facts over feelings. But when you’re as in tune with your surroundings and situation as you clearly are, you can start to give your intuition precedence. New information is coming this week, and it will demand a swift reaction from you. No need to ponder; just follow your heart. The New Moon promises welcome change and a burst of energy. If you use this boost well, others will benefit too.

Falling ‘head over heels in love’ encapsulates the dizzying, almost-out-of-control sensation that some lucky people experience. It’s often applied to younger folk, who are feeling powerful attraction for the first time. If that’s you, enjoy it. But if you’re a little older and wiser, and an emotional opportunity appears, how are you meant to feel? Thanks to the gentle encouragement of Venus, in your opposite sign, you can relax into mellow enjoyment knowing that the start of a great new chapter lies ahead.

Have you heard of ‘displacement activity’? Animal experts use it to describe actions such as scratching and preening, which bring comfort in times of stress. In humans, this refers to the comforting actions we perform when something more important needs to be addressed. Have you found yourself tidying up your pencil collection lately? Or colour-sorting your socks? The issue you’re skirting around isn’t as scary as you fear. And, with a New Moon for encouragement, it’s time to seize the moment. Success beckons.

Even though they were essential to help us through the pandemic, it’s hard to see much merit in locking-down. All those missed nights out, concerts, cinema shows, parties, trips to the seaside and relationships on hold. Yet, even though the end isn’t in sight, there might be a benefit that will help us as things normalise; the enforced curtailment of our social lives has forced us to focus us our priorities. Whether you’re looking for romance, or wanting to deepen an emotional connection, the New Moon lights your way forward.

We all lack money once in a while; we all run out of milk, sugar or eggs too. But we never run out of love. In fact, the more love you give, the more love comes back to you. So why do you feel that your supply, or your emotional support, is running low? Have you been oblivious to what’s on offer? It’s good to lose yourself in a hobby now and again. But if it cuts you off from those who want to be close to you, you need to review your work-life-play equilibrium. The New Moon enables you to find a better balance this week.

You’re right to feel a bit metaphorically battered and bruised by the way you’ve been treated recently. Normally, I’d advise you to dig down deep, into your most empathic heart, and try to put yourself in someone’s shoes in order to understand what went wrong. But there’s no need. You’re in the right. The only concession you need to make, is to give them time to come around. An apology and explanation is due. Stick to your guns; things can get back to normal, but they’ll have to do the heavy lifting to get there.

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