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Your love horoscope for the week is here, commencing March 13th 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly love horoscope for the week of Saturday, March 13th to Friday, March 19th.

Coming to terms with errors from the past frees us from its clutches; recognising this allows us to make better choices. As the New Moon arrives with Neptune and Venus nearby, we can plant seeds of inspiring change.

It’s never easy to be the bearer of bad news. It’s tough on the messenger and the recipient. But, when you’re not involved in delivering the message, you can be there to support everyone involved. If there’s such a thing as a good time for a friend, colleague or loved one to face up to a home truth, this is the moment. As we edge ever closer to the Equinox, and Mercury moves into a new home, this week brings reminders that inspiration and hope are on the way. Share the good news!

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There’s a moment, at the end of an action movie, when everything starts to return to normal. That’s when the director pulls a final surprise – a jolt to make us sit up before we finally leave the fantasy world. It’s not easy to bring ourselves back to reality when our minds are still buzzing with images. When you’ve been through the kind of experience you’ve had recently, it’s no wonder you’re finding it hard to believe that a drama is over. This week promises a welcome moment of calm.

Some of the most creative minds work in advertising. One of the best-known tricks is to create a crisis that can only be solved by their product. ‘Phone envy? Sign up to our network’; Stubborn grime? You need miracle Clean-o-matic’. Is a fear monger creating a crisis where none exists in your life? They may not be selling anything, but they crave attention. It’s time to let them know that you’re not buying their story. The Equinox brings a better option in which to invest your energy.

While some relationships stay stuck in the same groove, others hold potential that deserves to be mined. I’m not trying to suggest you start trying to develop a more meaningful rapport with the person behind the counter at your local supermarket. But a tentative new relationship in your life has much more to offer. The Equinox brings a chance to step safely outside normal formalities. Even a smile might unlock a door that leads to a positive development and new opportunities.

The run-up to an Equinox often feels slightly edgy, a little uncertain; especially if you’re a fiery, passionate Leo who thrives in the company of others – and for whom the long period of lockdown has been particularly tough. Deep down, your heart is telling you that encouraging news about a relationship is coming your way. But you can’t quite allow yourself to believe it. This week, as Mercury moves into a new celestial home, you’ll see proof that allows you to trust your intuition. Not long to go.

It’s rare to hear you raise your voice against the consensual view. You hate to waste words. But when principles are at stake, you can emerge as a leader. Recent activities, by someone you thought you knew, have left you in a state of shock. The good news, is that the New Moon, in your opposite sign, marked the end of that episode, and you can look forward to the Equinox, knowing that your views will be heard and acted upon. A season of productive activity is coming. Revel in it.

Opposites may well attract; but you also need some common ground if a relationship is going to begin or move to a new level. Someone has been trying to get your attention, but you’ve been too busy to read the subtle signs beneath what might be regarded as ‘larking about’. The Equinox week brings the ideal moment to take stock and look again at something intriguing that has bewildered you. If you take time to get to the bottom of it, it will open up a new world of possibilities.

Astrological predictions are supposed to be filled with advice; ‘don’t do this, do that’. Anything red should be embraced, whilst blue should be avoided. I’m exaggerating to make a point, but there are guidelines to follow in order to navigate a path from here to a happier future. Yet, this Equinox week, any such information is unnecessary. Be as carefree as you like. The cosmos is going out of its way to improve your life and raise your spirits. Help is on hand… whether you seek it or not!

One of the paradoxes of modern life is that we’re surrounded by amazing communication technology, yet we find it hard to… well… communicate. It’s too easy to get lost in a virtual world of social media or time-stealing games on our phones, tablets and other devices, and to ignore the real-life people immediately around us. Whether it’s deliberate or accidental, you’ve been neglecting one special someone; and it’s time to get back on track. Some real-life eye-to-eye contact can rekindle so much.

Everything we do carries an element of risk. From the food we eat to the journeys we take, various levels of danger are never far away. The difficulty comes when we let our imaginations run wild and over-estimate threats to the point where anxiety engulfs us. I’m not suggesting you’re at that point. But you’ve allowed a minor problem to become much bigger than it actually is. Look again and reassess. The Equinox enables you to make a positive, bold life-decision this week.

You’re a thrill-seeker. Unless time is precious and efficiency is paramount, you rarely choose the easy route. You almost always walk in the direction of excitement and sensation. But unlike the zodiac’s other thrill-seekers, you tend to hide this side of your personality. This week, the Equinox encourages you to reveal a little more of your adventurous side. Someone needs a boost of energy and a change of perspective. Sharing your innovative approach will deepen your relationship.

‘If you don’t like something, change it; if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it’. This could be your mantra this week. Attitude is everything. It’s easy to jump to the wrong conclusions if you don’t know all the facts – or are viewing things from a narrow perspective. Are you certain that the issue nagging away at you is what you think it is? Rather than letting your mind build things out of proportion, simply ask for clarity. The Equinox brings answers that both reassure and inspire you.

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