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Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week commencing December 6th 2020

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Sunday, December 20th to December Saturday 26th, 2020. 

Few children think of asking for ‘a Great Conjunction’ in their letter to Santa. But, after the year we’ve had, it could be the Christmas gift we’re all looking for. As enthusiastic Jupiter (growth and opportunity) enters Aquarius for the first time in nearly twelve years, we’re being given what we need to make progress after a difficult 2020. And its once-every-20-year meeting with Saturn, which happens on the Solstice this year, calls us to start work on building the future, rather than protecting an outmoded past.

‘Be careful what you wish for’. This ancient advice from Aesop, the teller of morality tales, could be your guide this week. No matter how much you’ve been longing for something (or someone) to come into your life, you need to think hard about the ripple effect of any change you’re wishing for. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Better to be patient and let the Solstice/Great Conjunction bestow other gifts on you rather than force a situation. The right time is not far away.

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On one side there’s skydiving, potholing, and off-road bike trailing. On the other, there’s walking in the park, afternoons on the sofa watching rom-coms, and candle-lit meals. It’s possible to like bits of each category. But what thrills one person might be someone else’s idea of boring… or terrifying. If you’ve made a connection, but haven’t found common ground, this Solstice/Great Conjunction week is the ideal time to try something you’re not sure about. Expect a delightful awakening.

‘The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing’. Walt Disney knew what he was talking about when he pinpointed the problem you’ve been dancing around. You might not be sure exactly what you have in mind; but unless you take the first step, you’ll never know. Any decision is better than no decision. Good decisions are great, but missteps are a learning experience, and can be corrected. Either way, during this Solstice/Great Conjunction week, you’ll know which way your heart lies.

Experts don’t know everything. Just because someone has depth of knowledge in one field doesn’t mean they’ll give wise advice about another. Indeed, someone who’s willing to say, ‘I don’t know’ is probably more trustworthy. You might not feel that you’re an expert in any subject; but you’re not the best judge of that! Your insight has significantly more value than you allow yourself to think. It’s time to be your own adviser. Listen to your heart this Solstice/Great Conjunction week; it knows what to do next.

If we entertain too much self-doubt we never get anything done! It only takes one person, with strong views and a keen work ethic, to carry an entire team on the ride to success. You’re known for your ability to make things happen. And for some folk, being alongside you is a fun roller-coaster ride. But when one of your voyagers feels uncertain, their concerns need addressing. The Solstice/Great Conjunction brings the chance to listen to another point of view. It will lead to greater success.

You don’t need a map when you stroll to your local shop. The route is familiar. But would you venture to a place you’ve never been, without one? Well, some people might! But to be certain of success, a bit of route planning doesn’t go amiss. So why are you giving yourself a hard time over a recent loss of direction? It was new territory – and there was no handbook to help. The Solstice/Great Conjunction promises that your next pathway will be well-signposted and lead to the right destination.

There’s a lot to like about the calm confidence that’s a hallmark of your sign. You’ve usually thought long and hard about things; so, when decision time arrives, you can act swiftly. You have an unfair reputation as being a procrastinator, but the time it takes to weigh things up saves you in the long run. You rarely have to backtrack… though sometimes you need to make a quick decision and just hope you’re right. Fortunately, in the Solstice/Great Conjunction week, if you follow your heart, you’ll make the right move.

If an IT professional says they’ve just dealt with a ‘picnic’, they weren’t having a nice outdoor meal. They were coping with a tricky individual: ‘Problem In Chair Not In Computer’. Jargon helps unite people within a world of shared private jokes. It’s a source of fun, but a barrier to those on the outside. Could your demeanour be preventing someone from getting to know you better? Look outside your usual circle this Solstice/Great Conjunction week; be open to more worlds than yours.

Some people make their minds up quickly, but fail to adapt as conditions change. Sticking to a poor decision, just to save face, can have the opposite effect. Few folk are as agile as you in adapting to change. But someone you know doesn’t share this quality – and they’re destined for difficulties without your help. You’ll need all your persuasive powers to get them to come round to your view. The Solstice/Great Conjunction gifts you with tact, so you have every chance of turning things around.

Almost a century ago, Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States, had a unique way of referring to problems. Urgent and important matters got his full attention, but he dodged ‘bowling balls’; issues he thought would resolve themselves and eventually roll into the side-gutter. His shrewd judgement earned him the nickname ‘Cool Cal’. Over this Solstice/Great Conjunction week, most oncoming ‘problems’ are ‘bowling balls’ too. Let them roll past. You can be a ‘Cool Capricorn’.

After a long wait for inspiration, not helped by the stop-start nature of the last months, you finally know where you want to be, what success will look like, and what steps you need to take. But your exceptional foresight seems to have been cancelled out by negativity. You have vision, but other people aren’t providing the support or encouragement you’re looking for. You need others on this journey. This Solstice/Great Conjunction week, if you’re generous with your support of others, the tide will turn.

‘The better a singer’s voice, the harder it is to believe what they’re saying’. Fans of Sinatra or Adele might disagree with the assertion of the Talking Heads singer David Byrne, but he makes a good point. Perfection’s sometimes hard to relate to; a voice with rough edges might better express the emotional core of a song. You have something someone needs to hear. But you needn’t dress it up. The Solstice and the Great Junction mean that there’s never been a better time to speak from your heart.

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