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Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week commencing November 29th 2020

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Sunday November 29th to December Saturday 5th, 2020. 

There’s no need for a real ball and chain when you’re feeling the weight of a burden on your shoulders. When every step forward feels like a struggle, it’s easy to imagine the existence of such an impediment. Anxiety restricts us without the need for physical constraints. This month inspires you to question what’s preventing you from experiencing the sense of freedom you seek.

People sometimes accuse you of being too serious. But while you are indeed conscientious and have an innate sense of responsibility, people who know you best also recognise your adventurous side. It’s your deeply held desire to be fair (even when you’re having fun) that misleads some folk. Appreciation and recognition lie in store this month.

Although you’re an independent Aquarian, you tend to be influenced by the moods of your nearest and dearest. This month, the cosmic climate encourages you to protect yourself from these passing whims and focus on more pressing concerns. As you deepen the ability to see through the superficial, you’ll gain power and stability.

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Even the greatest mind-readers aren’t able to tell what we’re thinking unless we choose to send out clues. Secrets are safe until we decide to share them. Yet, deep within, we all yearn to lighten our inner burdens. If you feel weighed down by information you’ve been given, this month brings an opportunity to share with someone you trust.

As your ruling planet Mars continues to move forward in your sign, December promises to be a month in which you find the support you need and the energy required to deal with almost any problem you face. Remember the advantages brought by being diplomatic. And be gentle on those who aren’t as courageous as you.

We tend to admire people who show determination and are unwilling to compromise – until we find ourselves having to negotiate with them. This month, as long as it doesn’t involve making too much of a sacrifice, your ability to negotiate and reset boundaries can bring more meaning to a key relationship.

The world is full of unspoken agreements and inferred understandings. These tacit contracts work because the people involved trust they’re working toward a mutual objective. They only become problematic when they no longer share similar goals. If you’re aware of unspoken expectations, a healthy compromise can be reached this month.

As a sensitive Cancerian, you’re an expert at projecting an I-can-deal-with anything exterior, which protects your soft-hearted centre. In fact you’re so good at it, you sometimes fool yourself! This month offers opportunities to form mutually helpful connections. First, though, you just have to allow yourself to be helped.

Although this month brings conflicting pulls on your time and energy, it also enables you to prioritise your own needs without negating anyone else. You’ll have the clarity to look beyond the most noisy demands and focus your energy on those whose wants are most important. This should be a refreshingly different festive season.

This month’s powerful cosmic climate is a sign that the changes hovering on your horizon are closer to becoming part of your reality. Although you’re wrestling with various factors, you’re becoming more aware of where you need to focus. If you accept good things into your world, the more you’ll encourage others to follow.

The lyrics to an old song tell us that “when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you”. If only it were true.

Even though it would be wise to question a key person’s attitude, don’t be tempted to stop smiling this month. This month brings the confidence to question hidden motives. When clarity prevails, it brings real reasons to smile.

Even though we know the time it takes to talk about doing something often takes longer than actually doing it, we all suffer from procrastination. This month, when you’re faced with so many tasks, it would be easy to fall into that trap. Yet, as long as you stay positive, you’re able to conjure up surprising solutions to your most pressing problems.

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