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Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of April 3rd 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday April 3rd, to Friday April 9th, 2021.

As your ruler, Mars, links with Venus, if you push your luck too far, will you live to regret it? Do you need to be cautious? Although you should think twice before taking a risk you can’t afford to lose, if you’re motivated by a desire to do something wonderful that may just prove possible, put your heart and soul into it. The cosmos is working in your favour; and, if you invoke the forces of fate and fortune and invite them to your assistance, this could be a week to remember for all the right reasons.

Even though there may not be any obvious rivers in your life, this is a week to build bridges. From a different vantage point, the challenges you’re dealing with can be viewed from a different perspective. Whenever we worry about what seems to be wrong, it’s as if more and more keeps going wrong! As Venus (your ruler) links with dynamic Mars, you have the insight and the courage to right many wrongs. If you strive to be kind, the kindness you give will be returned to you in delightful ways.

There are times when we want something so badly, we can almost taste it. We set our hearts on a goal. We feel that all will be well if we can attain it, and the possibility of failure is hard to contemplate. That’s what motivates us to keep walking the path towards progress. Yet progress, as many wise people have observed, is often a delusion. Change for the sake of change rarely brings happiness. You can get what you’re after if you try this week. You just need to be sure that it’s what you really want.

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Just because we know that instant success and satisfaction are rare doesn’t mean that we don’t dream about them. We understand the value of hard work and patience, yet we long for a life where, with a click of our fingers, or a wave of a magic wand, our wishes will be fulfilled and our needs will be met. If, this week, it begins to look as if you’ve somehow been tele-transported to such a place, enjoy living the dream. But remember, actually, you’ve already worked long and hard for success.

Board games have become popular in lockdown. Some are more rewarding than others; they give rise to a sense of camaraderie. We enjoy one another’s company as we pit our wits against each other while reacting to random throws of the dice. Yet there are some games that don’t fit this category; when, as soon as someone starts to win, the other players start to feel antagonistic and resentful! This week, in the game of your life, you have a significant cosmic advantage. Try not to flaunt it!

So much could go wrong. So many problems could arrive on your doorstep. You’ve been so surprised by the flow of challenges that have been heading your way that your usual buoyant, pragmatic way of dealing with them has begun to falter; you’re starting to suspect that the best you can hope for is an outcome that isn’t quite as bad as it might be, and are tempted to give up on your plans. Yet this week brings signs that one key situation is developing a life of its own. Good news isn’t far away.

Is your financial situation as safe and secure as you wish it was? What a ridiculous question! It would be wiser to ask if you’re feeling secure about your relationship with the material world. Does it feel as if the cosmos is protecting you? And, if not, what does that mean? That it has no faith in you or that you have no faith in it? The energy created by the link between Mars and your ruler, Venus, shows that from emotional strength, physical strength follows. All can be well – and it will be.

The sense of insecurity that develops when we face issues that we don’t understand often forces us to create explanations and justifications. Even though they may be almost entirely fictional or fantastical, as long as they bring us reassurance, we cling to them. The cosmos, this week, appears to be putting you under pressure. An ongoing situation invites you to question your understanding of a sensitive situation. As you start to view it differently, so your life will significantly improve.

You’ve been on a steep learning curve which, recently, has started to grow even steeper. Having to repeat the same old lesson over and over again is getting tiring. A plan or a situation ought to be working – but, for unfathomable reasons, it’s not. You deserve full credit for determinedly keeping going. This week’s helpful cosmic climate rewards your resolve. It brings the insight you’ve been seeking that enables you to solve a mystery. Then you’ll start making the rapid progress you deserve.

A famous economist once wrote that ‘pessimism is a mark of superior intellect’. If we agree with their views, it gives us all the perfect excuse to stop hoping for better things. After all, why bother striving for anything if we stand no chance of success? This week, as Mars and Venus constructively link, you can cast negative thoughts aside. No matter how difficult things seem, as long as you refuse to allow yourself to be talked out of pursuing your dreams, you can get more of what you need.

We keep long lists in our pockets or in the back of our mind. The things we need to do, the shopping that must be done, the names of the people we should contact, and the arrangements we need to make. And those are the ones at the top of the page! Let’s not forget the goals we feel we ‘ought’ to pursue and the values we wish to uphold. That’s a lot to deal with! No wonder life is stressful. But, under this week’s helpful skies, you’ll be delighted by how much you can accomplish.

If we’re asked to imagine the passage of time, most of us place the past on the left and the future on the right. Yet you’ve been feeling as if you’re swimming round in circles recently; not going very far in any direction, let alone forwards. This week, under an auspicious cosmic climate, you’re about to ‘go with the flow’. And when serendipitous events are making a hopelessly impossible situation look feasible, who cares which direction you’re heading in, as long as it’s taking you to where you want to be?

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