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Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of March 13th, 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday March 13th, to Friday March 19th, 2021.

You need to get a move on. There’s a huge amount to be done. Although most items on your list are easy to deal with (and some of them even come under the heading of ‘fun’), you may be hard pressed to cram them all in unless you compromise on quality. Your high standards are attainable some of the time, but at least some of your cakes can be baked, but left without icing for now. The New Moon brings the ability to recognise the difference between what’s absolutely crucial and what’s not.

The libraries might be closed, and football matches crowd-free, but we still know when we’re supposed to be noisy and when we need to be silent. We’re tuned to pick up sensitivities vis-à-vis noise, and adapt accordingly. Yet, although we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we need to modify our behaviour, there’s nowhere on our planet where hope is forbidden. Even in situations that remind us of life’s hardships, we’re free to stay calm and peaceful. You can enjoy yourself this New Moon week.

There’s a ghastly saying from the ‘good old days’ that used to be all the rage: ‘spare the rod, spoil the child’. With hindsight, maybe those days weren’t as good as we like to think. Back then, people used to think that smoking was a sophisticated thing to do too. It was even recommended by some members of the medical profession! Somewhere in the back of your mind is a tradition that needs to be re-evaluated. Don’t assume that something’s right, just because it has never been questioned.

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‘Success is desirable, failure unacceptable’. It seems that most of our modern values are based on this premise. An astrologer who tells you that you’re likely to get what you want is the one most people turn to. If I were to say otherwise? Well, who wants to hear that? But suppose you stand on the brink of a victory to which a host of hidden, unfavorable consequences are attached? The New Moon indicates that you might be better off winning what appears to be second prize.

Leos don’t live simple lives. Neither, even with the restrictions we’re all living with, do they lead quiet ones. Now, in case you’re starting to feel sorry for yourself, I need to point out that if, by some chance, your life was suddenly made easy or quiet for any length of time, you’d soon feel uncomfortable. You’re an innovator. You did not come here for a holiday; you came to planet Earth to learn and to help others. The challenge you face might be tricky, but you can rise to it this New Moon week.

They tell us that there are two sides to every story. But is that actually true? Wouldn’t that make life too easy? You’re extremely aware of the truth about a delicate issue. Yet there are many sides to this situation; not only is it not black and white, there are more than fifty shades of grey. How on earth will you ever manage to reach agreement with the other people involved? Actually, you can. Galvanised by the New Moon in your opposite sign, you can find a way to do just that!

The lessons of life aren’t always easy; especially when you have high expectations. The poet Kahlil Gibran said that he’d ‘learned silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet, strange, I’m ungrateful to those teachers’. We often learn most from the people who don’t realise they’re teaching us anything. It’s up to us to be inspired by them (rather than just copy their example). You have a choice this New Moon week. Do what feels right to you.

Himalayan caves are traditionally supposed to be filled with hermits on sack-cloth, living on foraged nuts and berries, who dedicate months at a time to practising challenging yoga positions. Easy peasy! Beds of nails? No problem! It almost sounds idyllically comfortable compared to the bed that you’ve made for yourself and which you’re currently lying in. Little in this world is harder than caring about someone when the feeling causes you to hurt. Yet this week, nothing will be more rewarding either.

A carrot’s being dangled in front of you. No wonder you’re tempted to cast caution to the wind and rise to this tempting challenge. There’s a point you want to prove, and you see no reason why you can’t demonstrate it without having to get even more embroiled in an unfolding drama. But this isn’t a time to risk unsettling everyone involved. Your time is precious… as is your peace of mind. Bide your time this week. A more interesting and satisfying matter is heading your way.

We all have ways of getting other people to do things for us. We might try to confuse them; baffle them with mystery and then insert an element of pressure. Or try to imply that they’ll miss a golden opportunity if they don’t jump aboard. The New Moon highlights a situation in which you’re being somehow manipulated. Why do you have no time to think? What are you nervous of missing out on? Slow down and take your time this week. There’s no need to respond under pressure. Relax.

It was Shakespeare who said that ‘all the world’s a stage’. The issue, if he was right that we’re all actors in one huge play, is that we rarely seem to have the right script! Neither, do we seem to have much rehearsal time. This week’s New Moon brings the chance to take several different dramas and weave them into a more coherent, manageable storyline. Even though you can’t be the director of all the events unfolding in your world, you’ll feel much better equipped to deal with them.

If I were to give you an old necklace, could you tell me something about the person who wore it? If I pictured a shape, would you know how many sides it has? Although it’s easy to confuse psychic abilities with thoughts we come up with which are guided by experience, it’s never wise to underestimate our mystical powers. The New Moon, in your sign, highlights your extra-sensory gifts this week. You can use your natural intuitive skills to resolve a situation that could otherwise lead to disagreement.

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