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Your weekly horoscope is here, for the week of May 22nd 2021

Astrologer Oscar Cainer lays out your weekly horoscope for the week of Saturday May 22nd, to Friday May 28th.

Peace, love and harmony. That’s what the world needs, isn’t it? Well, that may be true, but is it what it wants? Just as fast-food junkies think about eating their five-a-day ‘tomorrow’ (while they tuck into the latest take-away), we carry on disagreeing, passing judgments and scoring points over one another. Anyone would think we like disagreeing. If it didn’t make life interesting why would we bother? Yet this week, if you seek a happy compromise, you can manifest one. You have the skills to bring about an unlikely agreement.

You have natural problem-solving skills. If a situation is disorderly and chaotic, you can find ways to knock it into shape. When other people are overwhelmed, you’re able to see a way to organise things so that order will be restored. That’s why the cosmos keeps putting so many perplexing situations on your plate. It knows you’re more than capable of sorting them out. Although you might not relish the challenge you face this week, the powerful Supermoon Eclipse ensures that you’ll succeed with flying colours.

Venus, the planet of love, passes through your sign for only a few weeks once a year. As it does, it creates a celestial climate that’s rich in opportunities. Yet these aren’t always obvious. It’s possible to overlook the changes and chances it provides. They don’t dance before your eyes like performers in a carnival. A minor shift here. A small alteration there. These point you in the direction of major improvements, but only if you respond to the hints and nudges with positivity. Be on the look-out for such signals this week.

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Having Mars, the power planet in your sign gives you a powerful celestial advantage. Yet it’s no sure-fire guarantee of success. To maximise the benefits of its transit, you need to put your shoulder to the wheel or your nose to the grindstone in order to shift what needs to be shifted. Even if things don’t fall into place straight away, you’re able to start to move the obstacles that have been blocking recent positive progress. Just don’t forget to be sensitive to anyone who doesn’t share your energy or enthusiasm this week.

It’s not easy to hone a strategy when you’re subjected to so many limitations. Recently, you’ve struggled to know what’s possible and what’s not. This week’s Supermoon Eclipse not only highlights the information you need, it brings faith; so when you get that information, you’ll know exactly what to do with it. We often fail to ask certain questions because we’re worried that the response will be disappointing. But if we don’t ask, we don’t find the answer. As you find the courage to explore a possibility, progress will follow.

No matter how hard we try to formulate a perfect plan, everything can be criticised. Even when we invest all our effort into getting something ‘right’, there’s room for improvement. And, when we’re faultless, we can be faulted for failing to reflect human frailty! So, is that a reason to stop trying? Absolutely not! Yet, with this in mind, maybe you can stop worrying so much. You’re where you are now, because it’s where you need to be in order to get to where you want to go. The Supermoon Eclipse ensures you’ll like it when you get there.

How are you going to get everything done this week? With so many demands being made on you, it seems as if you’re going to have to work very hard. Is there a danger that you’re pushing yourself too far? Well, there’s always that risk – but we can’t avoid putting ourselves in slightly precarious positions when we’re doing everything in our power to make a dream come true. The Supermoon Eclipse brings a sense of rejuvenation; at least you know what it is that you want to do and why. And, you may be surprised by your success.

Can you have exactly what you want? Not if what you want is something that you can’t have! Unless, of course, what you really want is to be told that you can’t have it. That may sound counter-intuitive, but we all get addicted to feeling frustrated and irritated, and get into such a habit of feeling fed up that we feel ‘wrong’ if we’re not experiencing exasperation. If this doesn’t sound like you, then this week, the Supermoon Eclipse brings you the chance to prove it. If you reach for what you actually can have… you can get it!

Even though I try not to resort to clichés, it can be hard to talk about you without referencing arrows and targets. Sagittarians are born under the sign of the archer. And, in the current cosmic climate, it’s hard not to refer to your ability to focus on a goal and hit the bullseye. This week’s Supermoon Eclipse brings a choice between a distant, ambitious objective and a goal you can easily reach. Since you love a challenge, you may feel the need to strive for the more difficult result. But don’t overlook the value of the obvious.

It’s my job to shed light on all that’s confusing you, and offer advice. Yet no fortune-teller can offer complete understanding about issues that are as intricate as they’re ongoing. You’d like me to reassure you that a source of irritation will be be resolved if you do ‘this’ or ‘that’. Yet, you already know what needs to be done! While your actions will alleviate the problem, it may only be a temporary fix. The Supermoon Eclipse offers the insight to accept a situation, and the wisdom to see that it’s nowhere near as bad as you think.

If you want to find encouragement for a new idea it’s important to choose where and who you go to for support. There’s no point wasting your time and energy barking up the wrong kind of tree. Actually, unless you’re in the timber trade, trees are unlikely to be much help! The Supermoon Eclipse enables you to look beyond the woods into a more spacious space where you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for. It’s time to be bold and seek metaphorical new pastures. Help is available. You just have to ask in the right place.

According to the astrological textbooks, Pisceans have poetic souls. Even though you might not write verse, you see the world in a different way to everyone else. You value what other people barely notice, and have bright visions that ignite imaginative fires in those around you. This week, the Supermoon Eclipse encourages you to maximise your inherent talents. A restoration in your self-belief is on its way. Here comes an opportunity to see how good life can really be when you have faith in yourself and your abilities.